DIY Art?

Do-it-yourself, making and makers are in abundance these days, thanks largely to the instant global sharing possible via social media, blogs, personal websites and etc., via the internet.

I had an email exchange with a friend in another state today and found myself responding to some of his thoughts in this way:

“I love better stewardship of old stuff, tech, wood, whatever. It”s partly why I love Linux distros and woodsmanship (time in the woods).

Creative stuff, art in diy makes it possible to engage both brain and heart to imagine, try, fail, learn lessons, grow, then accomplish what you perhaps never thought you could.

God wires us for art, it’s true therapy in a world of sin and hurt. It demonstrates possibilities to others and often inspires them in profound ways. Art programs are massively important for these and more reasons. Fresh ideas produce flow as opposed to stagnancy.”

I won’t take the time to check now but here or in my main blog ( I’ve likely mentioned or perhaps  or perhaps even ALL of which are overboard loaded with ideas that may well inspire better, varied use and/or re-purposing of stuff that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

More truly is never enough but we can do better than spending money for what we don’t have, then complain that we have no time to create/build/make anything but also don’t seem to get more sleep, pay our bills yet create ever more need for rental of storage space for stuff we truly never use and didn’t need in the first place!

Consumerism consumes way too easily.

Now some will say “Yeah but did you NEED that art object you spent all that time with and rarely do anything with now?” to which I’d reply “Yes, it was a stepping stone to this other thing over here which I created, shared and several more you don’t see because I gifted them to people I care about -some of my work for folks in real need. Plus- I found a very real theraputic peace in the imagining and making process!”

Cost is often zero to very, very little. Well, perhaps a bit of pride/ego if folks don’t like what you’ve created but this is not about impressing anybody, it’s about creativity and stretching out, discovery and growth in one of God’s best gifts to us -and others via us as it often happens.

The pleasure is boundless when we are willing to do things a bit differently and embrace creative artistic ideas. You have more to learn and therefore give that you probably realize -and there is an Artist Who has given you the whim, the muse to try.

Enjoy and share the joy of diy with others!

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