My Artist Friend/s

Today I have the pleasure of saying I’ve known, know and continue to enjoy friendships with a LOT of talented artists. By this I mean artists working in a vast array of modes, not only my key area of music. I apologize now for many I see almost daily as well as longtime friends spread […]

Art/Worship Offerings

Imagination is fraught with risk. For examples of a few of my own, just read/look on 🙂 As it has been forever since I added something in this (one of three blogs of mine) and in that I only add content online when I think something may actually be worth something to someone… here goes […]

Visible Music College Notes

Visible Music College Memphis: Glenn Kaisers’ Notes March 30, 2016 1. It’s Who and who you know 2. Love is patient, love is kind 3. Accountability/Mentors 4. Marry a God lover, disciple, sharing same calling 5. Excellence 7x 6. 380 -340, 40 7. Psalms 8. Laments, David Weep and Rejoice 9. Jurassic Park – yellow […]

Wish I’d Have Written This!

I found the following on a table in the vestibule of the Ev. Covenant Church in International Falls, Minnesota on my recent trip there. As I read this I was struck by the depth and intuitive as well as biblical realities surfacing in her writing from my own life experience. In fact that weekend in […]

GK Response to “Outside the Outsiders”

“The best endeavors, in my not-so-humble-opinion, are the efforts that seek to make art simply a part of everyday life without aggrandizing the art or the artists.” Joe Futral from blog “Outside the Outsiders” And for clarity: As usual, my friend JF does in my view, an excellent job of verbalizing stuff a […]

WHY Do We Make Art?! Part One

Have you ever asked yourself “Why do I do art”? Seems to me there are so many reasons and of course they vary from person to person as well as time to time, moment to moment. Here are a few of my own thoughts and indeed, personal reasons: *Calling *Mission *Therapy/catharsis *Communication/Self-expression *Identity *Rebellion *Angst […]