Beautiful Vs. Ugly?

I have often pondered something related to art and the way we Christians view it that may well bother some reading this. I could be (and often am) wrong, so please bear with me and consider my concerns. We know from scripture and personal experience that God is beautiful and that Jesus “does all things […]

My Artist Friend/s

Today I have the pleasure of saying I’ve known, know and continue to enjoy friendships with a LOT of talented artists. By this I mean artists working in a vast array of modes, not only my key area of music. I apologize now for many I see almost daily as well as longtime friends spread […]

Art/Worship Offerings

Imagination is fraught with risk. For examples of a few of my own, just read/look on 🙂 As it has been forever since I added something in this (one of three blogs of mine) and in that I only add content online when I think something may actually be worth something to someone… here goes […]

Visible Music College Notes

Visible Music College Memphis: Glenn Kaisers’ Notes March 30, 2016 1. It’s Who and who you know 2. Love is patient, love is kind 3. Accountability/Mentors 4. Marry a God lover, disciple, sharing same calling 5. Excellence 7x 6. 380 -340, 40 7. Psalms 8. Laments, David Weep and Rejoice 9. Jurassic Park – yellow […]

Wish I’d Have Written This!

I found the following on a table in the vestibule of the Ev. Covenant Church in International Falls, Minnesota on my recent trip there. As I read this I was struck by the depth and intuitive as well as biblical realities surfacing in her writing from my own life experience. In fact that weekend in […]

GK Response to “Outside the Outsiders”

“The best endeavors, in my not-so-humble-opinion, are the efforts that seek to make art simply a part of everyday life without aggrandizing the art or the artists.” Joe Futral from blog “Outside the Outsiders” And for clarity: As usual, my friend JF does in my view, an excellent job of verbalizing stuff a […]