THE PERSUADED JADED -glenn kaiser All the world a clicheHeard and seen it all beforeBefore when and whatOf all these you’re certainSure Jaded are we notKnowing all why bother to learnThe small mind shuts, strutsLest humbled it squirms Rots Hear the arrogant pessimist ruleAll others play the foolIn the self-written canon of coolReduction to a […]


Redemptive Art

I have long been a proponent of lament in my own songs and other art modes. Why? Though darkness, decay, injustice and cries for help aren’t on the surface “things of beauty” they reflect the “man of sorrows well acquainted with grief” as do the lion’s share of Psalm lyrics (appx. 1/3rd of which are […]

You Field and Garden

Like most any gardenNo hothouseNor rainforestLeft humanly untendedOr otherwise neglectedAutumn comes round annually Each season in due courseA harrowing cause for remorse? Breathing cold blanketingFrost again seatedFlowers, plantings dieIs this how we’re treated? Sun, showers, pollinationWorld-wide wise care, allocationLiving quest for reformationGod’s grace undefeated -glenn kaiser

An Article on Chesterton of Note

I’ve long been a fan of G.K. Chesterton and a friend sent a link to an article on him I really enjoyed reading. Thanks Diana! It’s written by a Catholic gent and if you didn’t know this about me, my first six months of Christian formation in Christian discipleship included a local Catholic parish, a […]

The Art of God

It is easy enough to find loads of amazing artwork of -all- kinds that reflect God’s amazing creative work in both earth and the galaxies. One need not look past the human body to marvel and wonder at His handiworks. I seem more gifted in the music sphere than anything else but I do dabble […]

Home, Home Ain’t it Strange

So in broadening things out here re. artistry, here’s a silly and not so silly approach to a lyric I wrote a while ago. My imagination was totally taking me to a somewhat (but obviously not total) western-to-hillbilly singing approach further complicating matters by playing this on a re-tuned ukulele rather than banjo or dulcimer. […]


Too many folks are afraid of trying something fresh in the creative process. In our own minds and sometimes of those we work with there are a stack of reasons why NOT trying something out is a worry and therefore we may not even attempt, for example, an old thing a new way. Whether pride, […]