Key Points in Lyricism

I’ve been blessed with many opportunities to share in seminars, panel discussions and via various social and other media for decades. Recently some friends invited me to share on the art of songwriting and so in super-brief the following few points leapt right to the top of my mind. Observation. Focus. Consideration. These all can […]

Production and Reflection

As with all humans the late A.W. Tozer was flawed, yet gifted. I quote him often finding depth and truth in his thinking and writing. It is others and not my own purview to consider how flawed I am as well as what talents I’ve been given by God or if you wish, via thought, […]

ART Survival?

Image: GK by Illinois prison inmate Or is it, can it be also- even simultaneously discovery, creativity and renewal? Might it be one very real element of grace gifted us by God? Art therapy has long been a thing and something I believe is not only not frivolous but an essential. Lockdown anyone?? Long before […]

The Art of READING

Words. Yep. Writing is a massively important art form and as I admit in this post, not my greatest forte in the arts. I’m a communicator and happen to do lots of it with words (lyrics, blogs, social media posts, public speaking) but in our day other visual and audio art forms are massive. As […]

The Artist as Prophet

THE ARTIST AS PROPHET -glenn kaiser [From a column I wrote years ago, re-written and updated- May, 2020] I had been invited to do a seminar for an organization that our fellowship belonged to called Evangelicals For Social Action. Some of you may be familiar with Ron Sider (Rich Christians In An Age Of Hunger, […]

Materials For Our Craft

This amazing quote via my friend Debbie in FaceBook: “A journey with Jesus is more like being an artist than working a predictable nine-to-five job. It’s unpredictable, risky, and often strange. It’s an adventure for which you need faith. You don’t need to be a “respectable Christian” to walk with Jesus: in fact, it’s best […]

DIY Art?

Do-it-yourself, making and makers are in abundance these days, thanks largely to the instant global sharing possible via social media, blogs, personal websites and etc., via the internet. I had an email exchange with a friend in another state today and found myself responding to some of his thoughts in this way: “I love better […]

Arts: Benefit or None?

I obviously cannot speak for everyone reading this, but if nobody ever listened to me (music, speaking, writing and such) nor watched (video clips, etc.), or cared about my craft work creations (cigar box and found-object guitars, etc.) I would still imagine, create and do what I do. Why? I’m personally convinced God created and […]

Art gods

“Every poet and musician and artist, but for Grace, is drawn away from love of the thing he tells, to love of the telling till, down in Deep Hell, they cannot be interested in God at all but only in what they say about him.” -C. S. Lewis Love, hate or indifferent towards him, C.S. […]